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Gunmen Open Fire On Synagogue And Church Leaving Six Dead

Six police officers have been killed and 12 were wounded after gunmen opened fire in a series of shootings in Russia’s Dagestan region, its interior ministry says.

The attacks targeted a synagogue and an Orthodox church in Derbent as well as a traffic police post later in Makhachkala.

A priest was also killed in the attacks, according to reports.

Two of the gunmen have reportedly been shot dead.

It was also reported some attackers were holed up in a building in Derbent, which police were preparing to storm.

Image: The scene in Derbent. Pic: BNO News A counter-terrorist operation is ongoing to search for gunmen in Derbent and Makhachkala, which is the chief administrative town in Dagestan, Russia’s national anti-terrorist committee said in a statement.

“Unidentified people fired at a synagogue and a church with automatic weapons,” Reuters reported the interior ministry said.

The synagogue and church were both set on fire, added the ministry.

The attackers then reportedly fled in a car.

Image: Footage of a reported shootout between gunmen and police in Makhachkala There was later an exchange of gunfire at a police post in Makhachkala, about 125km (75 miles) to the north along the Caspian Sea coast, Reuters added.

Police were preparing to storm a building where gunmen were holed up in Derbent, an unofficial channel on the Telegram messaging app Mash said.

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Derbent is home to an ancient Jewish community in the South Caucasus and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Dagestan is a mainly Muslim region in southern Russia.