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Kim Jong Un Rides In Limousine Gifted To Him By Vladimir Putin

Kim Jong Un has taken a ride in a luxury black limousine gifted to him by Vladimir Putin.

The high-end motorcar is likely a token of appreciation from the Russian president for the purported million or more shells that North Korea has sold to Moscow.

Although both countries deny Pyongyang is supplying shells and missiles used in Mr Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Kim was sent the Aurus Senat limousine in February after being shown the vehicle during a visit to Russia last year.

Observers said the shipment violated a United Nations resolution aimed at pressuring North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons program by banning the supply of luxury items to the secretive nation.

“The special function of the private car is perfect and can be thoroughly trusted,” Mr Kim’s sister and senior official Kim Yo Jong said after it was used for the first time.

“Kim Jong Un’s using of the private car sent by the president of the Russian Federation as a gift is a clear proof of (North Korea)-Russia friendship, which is developing in a comprehensive way on a new high stage.”

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Over the past year, North Korea and Russia have sharply boosted their military and other cooperation as they face separate confrontations with the West – North Korea for its advancing nuclear program and Russia for its invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

It comes as President Putin is expected to win another term in power as Russia goes to the polls this weekend.

He faces no serious challenge in the vote, with no candidates remaining who have criticised him.